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We help young people at a school in your community to get involved in music by:

  • Supporting a teacher/member of your school’s community through training and workshops
  • Supplying a songbank and recordings for instruction
  • Creating opportunities for rehearsals and performances
  • Developing the potential of youth players in our NZ Ukulele Squads
  • Running competitions to encourage performance skills and creativity

Over 2,028 free ukuleles from NZ Ukulele Trust have been delivered to schools via our Ukes in Schools’ programme.

It is portable, cheap, easy to learn, easy to teach and encourages singing! The ukulele great for song writing and kids love it. It is the perfect gateway instrument too.

The songs we use find their way into classrooms, playgrounds, assemblies, cars, buses, camps, and homes around the country so we choose them carefully. The songs become part of children’s lives forever. We consult with experts in music education and the music industry to help to help us prepare the highest quality resources that are relatable and relevant to kiwi kids.

Making music delivers a range of tangible benefits that endure for a lifetime. Research tells us again and again. But above all, music brings us together, inspires, develops tolerance and empathy, tells our stories, expresses our identity, feelings and humanity. Music helps grow great kids, strong communities and brings happiness that should be part of every child’s day.

Our activities rely on securing donations, contestable grants, hundreds of hours of volunteer time, drive, passion and goodwill from many incredible people who share our vision.

  • Hundreds of hours of volunteer time
  • Goodwill of supporters and teachers who volunteer their time to deliver the programmes
  • Funded through contestable grants and donations
  • Corporate partnerships are being sought

There are so many incredible organisations working hard for our kiwi kids and we are proud to be one of them.  We know we are making a difference to young peoples lives by giving them music – maybe you can too? It is as easy as learning the ukulele!  Your gift can be directly deposited through  internet banking to our account:

02 0192 0103935 001 (NZ Ukulele Trust BNZ) under “DONATION NZUT”, and include your name for our reference. Then, email us at admin@nzukulele.org.nz. We will email your tax deductible receipt when your gift pops up in our account.

Alternatively, if you have any old ukuleles that you wish to donate, please contact admin@nzukulele.org.nz and we will help to rehome them.