Important Notice Regarding Copyright:
Your school should have a OneMusic licence that entitles you to perform music at school, take part in music festivals, photocopy music for educational purposes, produce recordings of school performances and communicate music on a school intranet. You may reproduce songs from this password protected page only in accordance with this licence. This ensures your school is copyright compliant. 


How does my school obtain a OneMusic Licence?
The OneMusic licence is administered through the NZSTA. To obtain a licence for your school, email the NZSTA Copyright Coordinator on, or call 0800 663 486. For more information go to OneMusic NZ.


Why Get a OneMusic Licence?

We believe there are good reasons to ensure your school has a OneMusic licence from APRA/AMCOS.

  • “I probably won’t get caught anyway, right?” You might be right. However copyright compliance is not only a legal obligation, but a professional responsibility.
  • We believe it is important for teachers to demonstrate respect for copyright rules. In adopting copyright best practice, teachers promote a culture of copyright awareness and model appropriate behaviour for students.
  • Where appropriate, we ensure that your school’s registration fee for the NZ Kiwilele website goes to the appropriate composers / publishers and we are often thanked for our efforts to do the right thing and for respecting their music.