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Check out our top tips for getting started.

1. You may like to begin by using coloured dots to label the basic chords on your classroom ukuleles (also available from Kmart, Whitcoulls and Warehouse) – refer to this introduction to learning ukulele using the ‘traffic light’ system for how this works.
2. Download and print these basic chords for your classroom for quick and easy reference.
3. Use an online tuner to get your ukuleles ready to play (a similar tuner can also be found in Garageband)
4 Download this introduction to ukulele lesson and start learning alongside your students – you and your students will learn how to play C major and A minor and strum and sing their first song – ‘We are one’ (links below)

One Chord Songs

Lyrics / Chords pdf Support Material
Hoe tō waka / Row your boat Hoe tō waka / Row your boat – teaching video
E Rua Ngā Manu E Rua Ngā Manu – teaching video
Frère Jacques  


Your Kiwilele registration will also give you access to these 2-3 chord songs – perfect for starting /  relaunching your ukulele teaching or for your own personal professional development (‘We are one’ included as a free example for you and your students to try).

Beginners Songbank – Two Chord Songs
Lyrics / Chords pdf Lyric Videos Backing Tracks Chords used
We Are One We Are One lyric video We Are One backing track Am   C
Ngā Iwi E Ngā Iwi E lyric video Ngā Iwi E backing track Dm   C6
O Le Pepe O Le Pepe lyric video O Le Pepe backing track F   C7
Tīhore Mai Tīhore Mai lyric video Tīhore Mai backing track Dm   C
L’il Liza Jane / Rocky Mountain LLJ / RM lyric video LLJ / RM backing track C   G7
Beginners Songbank – Three Chord Songs
Lyrics / Chords pdf Lyric Videos Backing Tracks Chords used
Banaha Banaha lyric video Banaha backing track C   F   G7
  Banaha canon video Banaha canon track C   F   G7
Ta Lau Ukulele Ta Lau Ukulele lyric video Ta Lau Ukulele backing track C   F   G7 (& G)
Starship Lullaby Starship Lullaby lyric video Starship Lullaby backing track G   C    F
He Kākano Ahau He Kākano Ahau lyric video He Kākano Ahau backing track G   C    F
Purea Nei Purea Nei lyric video Purea Nei backing track C   (C7)    F     G
Aotearoa, nō te Katoa Aotearoa, nō te Katoa lyric video Aotearoa, nō te Katoa backing track  C    F    G
Ukulele Friendly Kiwi Kidsongs 
Lyrics / Chords pdf Lyric Videos Backing Tracks Chords used
E Papa Waiari E Papa Waiari E Papa Waiari C G D
Christmas at the Beach Christmas at the Beach Christmas at the Beach
C  F  G Dm
Dad, I want to be a Camel Dad, I want to be a Camel Dad, I want to be a Camel
C  F  G  C7  A7  Dm
Hey Crocodile Hey Crocodile Hey Crocodile A  E  D
Utaina Utaina Utaina
F  G7  C  Am G
Irish Music Irish Music Irish Music D  G  A
Le ‘Aute Le ‘Aute Le ‘Aute C  F  G7
Kia Orana Kia Orana Kia Orana
D  A  G  D7
Wobbly Tooth Wobbly Tooth Wobbly Tooth
G7  C  D7
Move Down the Bus Move Down the Bus Move Down the Bus
C  Em  F  G7  E  C7
Tama tū, tama ora Tama tū, tama ora Tama tū, tama ora F  G  C
Siva Mai Siva Mai Siva Mai D  E
Two Legged Mice Two Legged Mice Two Legged Mice
C  F  G Dm
Your Kiwilele registration will also give you access to our NEW songs for 2022 in Term 2!
For more fantastic resources designed specifically for Aotearoa New Zealand classrooms register here to become a Kiwilele member today!

If you are at the beginning of your ukulele teaching journey, we encourage you to download this handbook (normally $35).


Foreword by James Hill

This excellent handbook is all about the ukulele.  At the same time, it’s not about the ukulele at all.  Maria Winder and Mary Cornish have their sights set on something bigger, deeper and more universal: a way to increase student confidence, academic progress, empathy, listening, social skills, and sense of well-being. This handbook is a five-star resource full of practical strategies and time-tested teaching tips.  But it’s also about what lies beyond chord diagrams, strumming patterns and standard notation.  After all, life is what happens while you’re busy playing ukulele!


James Hill was born in New Zealand and now resides in Canada.  He attended the New Zealand Ukulele Festival in 2007 and 2013. A world leader in ukulele music education, he is also an international touring and recording artist. He has his own ukulele teaching accreditation programme, now operating in several countries. 

Important Notice Regarding Copyright:
Your school should have a OneMusic licence that entitles you to perform music at school, take part in music festivals, photocopy music for educational purposes, produce recordings of school performances and communicate music on a school intranet. You may reproduce songs from this password protected page only in accordance with this licence. This ensures your school is copyright compliant. 

How does my school obtain a OneMusic Licence?
The OneMusic licence is administered through the NZSTA. To obtain a licence for your school, email the NZSTA Copyright Coordinator on, or call 0800 663 486. For more information go to OneMusic NZ.

Why Get a OneMusic Licence?

We believe there are good reasons to ensure your school has a OneMusic licence from APRA/AMCOS.

  • “I probably won’t get caught anyway, right?” You might be right. However copyright compliance is not only a legal obligation, but a professional responsibility.
  • We believe it is important for teachers to demonstrate respect for copyright rules. In adopting copyright best practice, teachers promote a culture of copyright awareness and model appropriate behaviour for students.
  • Where appropriate, we ensure that your school’s registration fee for the NZ Kiwilele website goes to the appropriate composers / publishers and we are often thanked for our efforts to do the right thing and for respecting their music.