Kiwilele Uke-hub Leaders

Map of Kiwilele Schools for 2022Kiwileles Uke-Hub Leaders

To date, we have close to 200 schools registered, with almost 5000 Kiwileles! If you are thinking about being a Kiwileles Uke-Hub Leader, contact  to find out who is also in your region. Depending on your device, you should be able to click on the map opposite and zoom in to your local area to find schools that are close to you also.

We are so excited with the response from teachers who are offering to be Uke-Hub Leaders. Equally so with the number of schools who are just ‘down the road’ from one another who are thinking about a Kiwileles Jam with a neighbouring school or planning to share their work at a local market or rest home. 


Kiwileles Jams

Needless to say this is all dependent on COVID settings but we also look forward to hearing your ideas on how to build upon Bill Sevesi’s dream of every kiwi child learning the ukulele!

It is our hope that Kiwileles Uke-Hub Leaders (with admin support from the NZ Ukulele Trust) will host a

  • Meeting with local Kiwileles teachers (to decide on, and run through,  songs to learn in preparation towards a local Kiwileles Jam)
  • Kiwileles Jam (this could be in partnership with a local school or you may have several local school ukulele groups that you are able to host)

The key theme of a Kiwileles Jam event is participation

  • a teacher (or perhaps student leaders) on the day of a Kiwileles Jam will lead the tamariki through the agreed programme. This could be as simple as inviting students to sing and strum along with the lyric videos on the day.
  • even if students only know one chord, they can play that chord where appropriate and join in with singing, clapping, sign singing or be inspired by the wonderful role models that surround them

Thanks to MENZA, we are able to support Uke-Hub Leaders by paying for a half or full teacher release day to support their planning and preparation for their teacher workshop / Kiwileles Jam. NZ Ukulele Trustees are also available to provide support and advice.

Resources for Kiwileles Jams

If you are thinking of hosting a meeting with local teachers, you may find this template useful for the meeting (please make your own copy). Our fantastic NZUT administrator can support you with this if needed.

(Photo is from Wellington Kiwileles Teacher Workshop in 2019 at Holy Cross School, Miramar)


If you are thinking of hosting a Kiwileles Jam, you may find this run sheet useful also

(Photo is from Wellington Kiwileles Jam in 2019 Holy Cross School, Miramar)


If you are planning to host these events in a venue that is not your usual workplace then we also recommend you review the following documents