The KIWILELES, New Zealand’s phenomenal massed children’s ukulele orchestra, celebrated 10 years in 2016.  Membership has grown to an incredible 2,500 to 3,000 children annually.

Most KIWILELES join the programme as beginners. By the end of one year, they can play songs using several chords and a variety of strums. They sing in harmony. Many learn to read tab and play lead melody lines. Some will have written and performed their own songs and raps. They are amazing! The Kiwileles come from participating schools all over New Zealand. When the KIWILELES perform they bring joy and pride to themselves, their schools and their families. It’s an uplifting and empowering experience they will never forget!

The KIWILELES SONGBANK contains graded songs to suit all abilities. Musical styles are varied, and riffs, chords, words, scales and notes about the music are included. Prepared each year by music educators and professional musicians, KIWILELES schools are always eager for the next edition. A rehearsal recording accompanies the book making it easy for any teacher or parent to facilitate learning.

KIWILELES are encouraged to share their music with their families and teach someone else how to play too!

2022 Kiwileles Uke-Hubs 

Registered Kiwileles Schools are encouraged to join together with other schools in their area for Kiwileles Jams. This will be a great experience for your tamariki and a fantastic way to practise all the songs in a big group.