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  • songs for beginners (1, 2 and 3 chords)
  • rich songbank archive especially created for Aotearoa NZ classrooms (end of term 1)
  • pop songs for 2022 (term 2).

Please note: songwriter permission and/or copyright licences have been obtained for every song in the Kiwilele’s resource.


  • free online tutorial videos
  • an invitation to join an online and/or local support network of ukulele teachers

We acknowledge the challenges faced by music teachers during these times. We have made the decision to not plan for a major festival, only for it to be potentially cancelled for a third year in a row. However, we plan to continue with Bill Sevesi’s dream to spread the gospel of ukulele to as many schools as possible during 2022 with localised bespoke Kiwileles Jams later in the year.

We are delighted to report that dozens of teachers have already volunteered to be Kiwilele Uke-Hub leaders across the motu and are willing to host an event at their school towards the end of the year (COVID willing).

Songs to launch your Kiwilele Group

NZUT is thrilled to be able to gift our Handbook to teachers in Aotearoa / New Zealand. The book is usually available for $30, but you can download it for FREE by clicking on the picture to the right. It’s a handbook with lots of tips and strategies for how to develop your school ukulele group and teach ukulele playing and songwriting. Recordings of the songs are available on our Soundcloud page.