Ukes in Schools

For young people to learn music, they need instruments… a pretty simple statement, but many school communities struggle to find funding for music against competing interests.

The New Zealand Ukulele Trust provides schools with free class sets of ukuleles. Just one class set of ukuleles can provide every child at that school the opportunity to learn music.

The NZUT applies for funding for charitable trusts and partners with suppliers to deliver as many ukuleles to schools as possible.

Over 1,500 free ukuleles from NZ Ukulele Trust have been delivered to schools via our ‘Free Ukes in Schools’ programme.


In 2017, we were very pleased to be able to provide the following schools were all recipients of the class set of ukuleles;


Birkdale North

Far North REAP

Crawshaw School

Flat Bush School

Opaheke School

Ra Apanui (Ngakuru School)

St Francis School

Henderson Primary

Park Estate School

Deanwell School

Te Kopuru School

Matihetihe School


While a good number of schools in the Kiwileles’ programme and have benefited from the Ukes in Schools programme, we are conscious that there are many, many more schools in need. Demand for instruments always exceeds our ability to supply. In 2018 we hope to be able to provide more instruments through a combination of targeted grant funding and corporate sponsorship.


Proudly Supported in 2017 by:


Our 2018 programme is currently in the funding application process, once we have obtained funding towards this programme we will then be in a position to select schools to receive a set of free ukuleles. Preference will be given to registered Kiwileles schools.

To apply now, please fill in the following application form. By doing so you will be kept informed as this process progresses.